Amadeus is the Family Finlab which invests jointly in human resources and technology to offer to its family clients innovative services and evolutive solutions.

Private office

After having assimilated the details of your family contour as well as the facts pertaining to your assets, residence, legal, tax and operational environments, we define and implement your strategies in the fields of asset building, asset diversification, holding structures and wealth planning.

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Wealth management

Having been exposed for years to the diversity of our family-clients’ assets, we intervene today on all private and public markets. We look for and identify real estate and collectibles’ assets but also investigate possible industrial, commercial and land/forestry transactions with a view to diversify and add value to your family assets.

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Portfolio management

Our portfolio management team deals with any and all listed assets and manages your accounts along the lines of the objectives which we set with you.

Apart from this traditional asset management and global diversification practice, the core of our offer stands somewhere else:

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Financial technology

We count among the very few independent financial firms to have access to an aggregated consolidation software which architecture is also used by some of the most important Swiss banks. Based upon it, we have developed and have been fine tuning for 20 years our system ADAPT, Advanced Data, Aggregation & Performance Tools.

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