Amadeus is the Family Finlab which invests jointly in human resources and technology to offer to its family clients innovative services and evolutive solutions.

Private office

We take an active part in the organization, development, and administration of your family assets, and we personally commit to assisting you in the implementation of your decisions.

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Portfolio Management

Our portfolio management team deals with any and all listed assets and manages your accounts according to your investment objectives and constraints.

Our services include a comprehensive assessment of your financial situation, goals, and personal preferences

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Asset Management

Our Asset Management franchise continuously evolves with the development of new strategies, tested with proprietary capital and eventually made accessible to our clients and partners through funds or actively managed certificates.

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Private Markets

Private market investments such as private equity, venture capital, or real estate have helped institutional investors generate attractive risk-adjusted returns worldwide for decades.

As the ecosystem has matured, we view it as an increasingly relevant building block in the private wealth space.

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Financial Technology

Aside from various financial databases and our proprietary research and analytics toolbox, we have implemented a modern portfolio management and aggregation system, giving our clients a daily 360° overview of their assets.

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